Siebel IP14 – Get OpenUI boiler plate code instantly

Duncan Ford created these cool OpenUI boiler plate creators. They really come in handy to start of OpenUI endeavors. It gives you immediate access to the available event handler for your presentation model, physical renderer or control plug-in wrapper. It did save me precious time already. Coding from scratch, a typo is quickly made. Not with good boiler plate code to start with.



Siebel Ecosystem – The Siebel Hub Survey 2015

Alex, Richard and Bruce have put a small survey together on their brand-new Siebel Hub blog to get a feel on the  Siebel-pulse of the Siebel ecosystem. Oracle has in recent years invested significant resources in taking Siebel to the next level. Although some claimed Siebel to be dead it appears more alive than ever with exciting delivered improvements and a roadmap into 2020. Of course no change comes without its own challenges. So how are implementations dealing with adoption to recent innovation packs to make the move towards Open UI for example? And how has the Siebel ecosystem developed itself over the past years and how will it develop over the years to come?

To take the survey you just need to register through LinkedIn. It takes only a few minutes and your information will obviously be treated appropriately: confidentially and anonymously by the Siebel Hub team.

– Jeroen

Siebel IP14 – Saving List Applet Real Estate

I believed this would be simple. Changing the row height of list applets as they appear out of the box styled by the Aurora theme. I turned out it took some more time. The default spacing consumes lots of real estate. The list applet as it comes more or less out the box (yes I fiddled too with font-sizes…) looks like such:


My goal was something similar like this:


At first glance looking at the DOM it should be as simple as adjusting the styling of the .ui-jqgrid-btable class:


But somehow that did not do the trick.

It turned out that Siebel also uses the jctrls.css. Changing the .ListAppletRow class height rule from 32px to 20px does the job. It appears the height here acts as some kind of threshold. The row size can not be made (visually) smaller by overriding the .ui-jqgrid-btable height rule than the 20px specified for the .ListAppletRow height rule.


One point of caution: I did not manage to override this rule, other than changing it in the jctrls.css itself. So one needs to take some care and consideration here.

Siebel IP14 Patchset 2 has been released

On Thursday Patchset 2 has been released. It be download as always from My Oracle Support.

Search for Patch Number =  20259927 ( or 20259953 (


You can get the release notes here.

PS2 has a strong focus on Mobile & Disconnected Mobile fixes, but also introduces genuine enhancements such as PL/SQL driven campaign contact import. And a specific feature to get access to Siebel Test Automation control attributes by means of using CTRL + Rightmouse. This goes hidden under “Product Feature 1372: Provides a dialog box to fetch and display automation attributes in the Siebel UI”. Although I have not been able to test myself yet, it seems nice because it would expose RN, OT and UN attributes for the control without having to go into developer tools.

– Jeroen