Siebel IP14 – Saving List Applet Real Estate

I believed this would be simple. Changing the row height of list applets as they appear out of the box styled by the Aurora theme. I turned out it took some more time. The default spacing consumes lots of real estate. The list applet as it comes more or less out the box (yes I fiddled too with font-sizes…) looks like such:


My goal was something similar like this:


At first glance looking at the DOM it should be as simple as adjusting the styling of the .ui-jqgrid-btable class:


But somehow that did not do the trick.

It turned out that Siebel also uses the jctrls.css. Changing the .ListAppletRow class height rule from 32px to 20px does the job. It appears the height here acts as some kind of threshold. The row size can not be made (visually) smaller by overriding the .ui-jqgrid-btable height rule than the 20px specified for the .ListAppletRow height rule.


One point of caution: I did not manage to override this rule, other than changing it in the jctrls.css itself. So one needs to take some care and consideration here.


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