Webex Recording: Incremental Repository Merge webcast

Webex Recording: Incremental Repository Merge webcast

  • New Features of and
  • Why and What is IRM
  • Pre Requisites of IRM
  • Demo of IRM
  • Development Tagging – New Feature
  • Common Issues occurring with IRM – troubleshooting SQL Errors

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It’s free – so why not download it 🙂

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Alexander Hansal’s “See Through Applets”

This is terrific work done by Alex leveraging the Open UI framework to show fields and column level details in the UI by simply double-clicking on any form applet. Maybe better not for production – but this can turn out extremely helpful in non-production environments. It saves you from introspecting Tools 🙂


Then double click…


After the second double-click…


This is a pretty cool feature!