Siebel IP15.13 Patchset Available!

it_photo_88588Siebel IP15.13 is available for download.

  • IP15.13  (Patch Number: 23639315)

At the same time a new DISA release as well (to fix two in-line attachment editing defects).

– Jeroen


3 thoughts on “Siebel IP15.13 Patchset Available!

  1. New Patching Cycle for IP 2016:

    1. All patches for Siebel IP 2015 remain unchanged i.e. monthly patches will be made available end of each month. Next Patchset 14 for IP15 will be available on July 29, 2016. Last patcshet for IP15 i.e PS 18 will end in Nov 2016.
    2. All patches for Siebel IP 2016 will be made available middle of every month. Next Patchset 3 for IP16 will be available on July 15, 2016.


  2. Jeroen, I really like your posts especially Siebel Open UI related. I have a requirement at our workplace in siebel open ui. we have reached out to oracle but we are yet to find the answers , can you please shed some light on how to approach this requirement.

    We have a functionality in siebel High Interactivity where we get physical mail with requests and the data entry team creates a service request and also attach that physical mail into siebel.

    When the user hits start scan button , we call the scanner driver to show the scan window where we scan the mail. once done we have an applet that shows the preview of what we have scanned and when we are ok to attach we hit the done button and the document gets attached to the service request as an attachment and saved to the siebel file system.

    All this is done thru Active X in our current siebel High Interactivity.

    We are upgrading out Siebel to IP15 and planning to enable Open UI. As OpenUI doesn’t allow Active X we would like to find a way to achieve this functionality. Can you please share your experience if you came across similar requirements.

    Your help in this regard is much appreciated.


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