Oracle Started Supporting Virtualized Platforms For Siebel (But Silently)

In the past days I have been visiting a couple of my customers together with our product marketing lead for Siebel Open UI. A great opportunity and time to discuss lots of top-of-mind topics 😉

One really interested piece of information, which I missed out on until this week, is that Oracle silently started supporting server and client virtualization platforms. Certify will be further completed soon, but practically your VMWare Hypervisor should be at least ESX 4.x or above. ESX 3.x was known to cause scheduling issues for multiple vCPU virtual machines running Siebel Servers.

Besides server virtualization, also expect soon to see Citrix appearing on Certify.


Today virtualization is only added to Certify for Innovation Pack 2014. And the support message does still come with certain constraints.

The My Oracle Support DocID has been updated:

Virtualization Technology Support in Siebel Environments (Doc ID 1307968.1)

Oracle allows any type of virtual technology to be used with Siebel because, running at a layer below the operating system, it is transparent to the Siebel application.  For the same reason, Oracle does not test Siebel products with specific virtualization technologies.

Oracle makes no recommendation on the use of virtualization technology with the exception that virtual environments need to be appropriately sized.  Each virtual environment must meet the requirements documented in *MOS Certifications.  Customers should consider scheduling a deployment sizing review with their Oracle sales representative for Oracle Advanced Customer Services to request assistance from Oracle’s Application Expert Services.

Oracle is under no obligation to make changes to Siebel software in order to accommodate any virtualization technology product, and strongly recommends thorough pre-production testing when running server and/or client applications in virtualized environments.

– Jeroen