Siebel IP14.18/15.12 Patchset Available!

Oracle has released Siebel IP14.18/15.12 overnight. This means the final patchset for Innovation Pack 2014. After 18 months and the same number of monthly patchsets, following Oracle’s Siebel Error Correction Policy. Innovation Pack 2015 still has half a year of error correction support remaining.

  • IP14.18  (Patch Number: 23345222)
  • IP15.12 (Patch Number: 23475225 )

Quite a number of fixes:

  • A number of fixes related with out-of-the-box DISA-based attachment functionality such as previewing images;
  • An important (performance) fix for the Calendar Gantt Chart, where it generates unnecessary and potentially many queries. Can quickly turn out to be major availability issue.
  • Issue with daylight saving time (DST) calculations in eScript
  • Number of OpenUI related defects
  • Implicit Save AND Explicit Save is not working since applying 14.16 AND 15.10 (Doc ID 2133587.1) got resolved. 

At the same time, new versions of DISA and the SODD have been published. For the latter, the release notes are yet not available.

– Jeroen


3 thoughts on “Siebel IP14.18/15.12 Patchset Available!

  1. Hi Jeroen,

    I reviewed 15.12’s Release Notes and do not see a reference to the Explicit/Implicit save bugs. Could you point me to the Bug #s?

    The main Bug 23249552 on Oracle Support is still showing it’s in “11 – Code/Hardware Bug (Response/Resolution)” status with no entry for “Fixed in Product Version.”

    Just wanting to confirm this is indeed fixed as it is a showstopping bug for versions 15.10 and above.

  2. Jason, I verified on a 14.18 environment that both issues got resolved. Do not have a 15.12 environment at hand. For me, sometimes hard to understand the documentation process for release notes. Sometimes a Bug got fixed but at the time the documentation team extracted the bug, QA for example did not close-verify the bug. Once release notes are done, they typically are never touched anymore (no revisions…).

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