Siebel IP16 – Browser Battle Benchmark

So – how does rendering performance has evolved with Innovation Pack 2016? I have been asked that question a number of times in the recent past. So, I put Innovation Pack 2016 on the rack, measuring Open UI’s response time per usual benchmark approach.

Again, four views with increasing complexity are used. Where really, the complexity of View 4 is ludicrous and primarily meant for stress-testing. In the past IE11 showed a non-linear pattern, that is why I included that impossible complex view.

Those ‘non-linear days’ are over due to largely IE11 specific framework enhancements included in IP15.3/14.9 back in September 2015. Based on my measurements we could say, that Innovation Pack 2016 does a slightly better job compared to IP15.3/14.9. Nothing spectacular. Call it stable.

meta-chart– Jeroen


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