Siebel IP16 TOI’s

The first set of Transfer of Information sessions has been published, more to follow. Follow this link Get Proactive – Oracle Applications TOI (Transfer of Information) Online Training (Doc ID 732026.1)  and select ‘Siebel’. Search for ‘Innovation Pack 2016’ to narrow it down to what’s relevant today!


– Jeroen



10 thoughts on “Siebel IP16 TOI’s

  1. Hi Jeroen,


    are you still able to see them? I cannot seem to find the IP16 TOIs. It will list TOIs from IP13-IP15 only for me (18 in total). No trace of IP16 on that page.


  2. On this topic of TOIs for IP2016:

    some TOI are live but some are missing too.
    taking Jeroen’s screenshots, one can see 9 TOI’s, although the screenshot doesn’t show if more are available.
    then follow the instructions provided on top of this page and you will only see 6 TOI’s

    So here is the trick:

    go to the top of the page where you currently see the 6 TOIs, search for “Innovation Pack 2016” (without quote). Press the button

    the website will automagically pull all (?) TOIs, that’s 17 of them!!!

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