Siebel IP16 – DISA Extensibility Framework

Innovation Pack 2016, exciting times! Couple of posts have been shared by Darshan, Richard, Alex and myself on the new extensibility framework: DISA.

Desktop Integration Siebel Agent

Initially released with IP15.9/14.15 back in February, DISA served to replace like-for-like functionalities previously implemented using (insecure) Java Applets. One of the most visible: replacing the Java Applet based in-line attachment edit-and-save-back feature. Further: CTI Hoteling and Send Mail (F9) using Outlook instead of the Siebel email client will be added with IP16. Who knows what follows!

Truly exciting: with IP16 – Siebel will open-up and document the DISA API for customers. Meaning endless extensibility options. Advanced interactions between Siebel and the desktop (bi-directional) will be possible. Although DISA itself communicates in a secure way with Siebel, the developer has due to nearly unlimited access to the desktop its responsibilities.

Below a high-level architectural overview of the DISA framework.


DISA uses a message-based approach to communicate between Siebel and the ‘client’ through a (secure) WebSocket connection. The DISA ‘client’ is a Java ‘plug-in’ which will have full access to the desktop. That means as simple as it sounds, Siebel could run a command-line operation, start an application, have access to the local filesystem, … Multiple plug-ins can be made available. These should be separately deployed. Not difficult to imagine a DISA plug-in to ‘deploy’ at run-time a custom plug-ins from a certain location. Either brand new ones, or updated ones.

So yes, if you don’t own them yet – you need to get access to or learn Java 🙂 As a starter, Oracle will be providing some examples through Github. Going forward the ConfiguringSiebel repository on the OracleSiebel Git will serve for this purpose. Oracle’s Siebel development will further supervise the Git and motivates the Siebel developer eco-system to share, add & commit! So jump along the bandwagon!

– Jeroen


4 thoughts on “Siebel IP16 – DISA Extensibility Framework

  1. Very interesting information Jeroen. We also used WebSockets for client-server communication on IP2015 and the technology works well. Looking forward to getting our hands on this solution for enhanced desktop integration.

  2. Hi Jerome

    I am looking for some guidance on using actual signed certificates from a CA with DISA.

    Lets look at the scenario: Currently at our our company we have two separate Siebel Deployments. Each deployment has 5+ different environments ie dev, tst, stg, prd, trn, bkf, etc.

    Would we need to create separate packages for each environment, each with a different certificate, or could the same cert be used for all environments?

    What would you put in the certificate used by DISA? The example has localhost:8443. Obviously you can’t create a certificate

    Are their restrictions on the certificate types/and or recommendations?

    Also – what happens if the Java keystore has a password – the documentation does show an option to enter a password?

    Also, in the example, is included in the white list. Does this mean any server that ends with will be whitelisted, or would the following need to be specified., or does it apply to *

    Would it be possible to publish some best practice/steps on using CA certs with DISA – including the required keytool steps to make everything line up for a smooth deployment.?

    Karl Brown

  3. My current client has a significant user base that is on Citrix. As a result, we ran into a bit of a stumbling block with the planned deployment of DISA.

    Oracle published the following today on the topic:

    Oracle Support Document 2140232.1 (DISA Not Working in a Terminal Server Environment) can be found at:

    Is it possible to use DISA in a terminal server environment?
    How do we have to install and setup DISA on a terminal server?


    1. We support running DISA on Windows Remote Desktop. Trying to share 1 remote server with multiple users is not supported in the current implementation.

    – The WebSocket Port is configured globally in Siebel system preference. All agents shares the same port, it is not possible that different DISA instances using the same port on same machine.
    – The DISA log and configuration are not per user, it will be a problem especially users using the same log file, permission restriction and unable to read the log.
    – Even if all users on one machine could share the same DISA instance (not tested), there will be problem after we deliver Web Notification support, all notifications will be shown on the screen of the user who first runs DISA.

    2. The current release of DISA does not support any Citrix product. This is because sharing one remote server with multiple users. Oracle is looking into enhancing DISA to support per user based port configuration, this will enable users to run DISA with Citrix product


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