Siebel OpenUI Boilerplate on Github!

Chances are that you have used or even are a frequent user of Duncan Ford‘s boilerplate code generator for Siebel OpenUI. His boilerplate code generator surely is the safest and most effective way to start any undertaking comprising a custom presentation model, physical renderer or control plug-in wrapper. It prevents you from those silly typo’s which can easily waste your time. All together, a huge efficiency tool.

Well, Duncan decided to move his code from JSFiddle to Github. For a very good reason of course. This move permits those with ideas for improvements to add them directly to Github’s managed issues log, and, for those more skilled, to allow to directly submit pull-requests with changes made. Which Duncan then will be able to test and decide upon

Although the existing URLs which you might or might not have bookmarked, have been changed by Duncan as well to reflect the new location. Below the direct Github URLs.

– Jeroen



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