Desktop Integration Siebel Agent (DISA)

The 2016 SOD already mentioned a totally new Siebel acronym. Because running out of three-letter-acronyms, resorting to four-letter acronyms 😉


The SOD also mentioned backporting the DISA framework to IP14/15. And that seems to materialize. Although it definitely slipped the December 2015 Patchset (14.13/15.7) for which it was initially targeted – the odds are that it will quite likely make it into the January 2016 Patchset (14.14/15.8).

So again, what’s this Desktop Integration Siebel Agent all about? Well, first of all it’s the must-have feature closing the important Siebel client-side integration gap. Especially because Google started deprecating the NPAPI in Chrome, Mozilla will follow deprecating NPAPI in Firefox later in 2016 and Microsoft’s Edge never had and never will have the capability.

DISA will be all about bringing Siebel OpenUI on-par with the old ‘high interactivity’ days where the Web Client Automation Server was a strong asset, enabling relatively easy client-side integrations with desktop applications and a Siebel user session.

DISA will be a local client-side running executable, which means it will only be available for Windows clients. The DISA will act as a Websocket-server, and because today all of the relevant browsers will support the Websocket protocol,  browsers running a Siebel OpenUI session can act as a Websocket-client. The framework will enable bi-directional, real-time communications between browsers.

Unsure whether at the time DISA will be released as backport from the under-development IP16 codeline is which of the features will be enabled alongside? I personally expect that initially the DISA framework as-is will be released, and that out-of-the-box enhancements such as listed below will be released gradually in subsequent patchsets.

DISA targeted features:

» Email (F9) Integration with Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes
» Invoke external email clients with F9 on Siebel Open UI
» Populate email fields (To, CC, BCC) in external email clients
» Use HTML templates to provide pre-defined, formatted email content
» Send file attachments
» Read & write files in agent’s local machines
» CTI Hoteling feature
» Ability to retrieve client machine IP address in Siebel Open UI Client
» Outlook to Siebel Attachment Drag-and-Drop. Enables agents to drag an email from a Microsoft Outlook email client and drop it as a Siebel CRM file attachment
» Inline attachment editing. Provides the capability for a user to open a file stored in the Siebel File System, make changes to the document using a location application (such as Microsoft Word), and then save and close the application with the new version automatically replacing the previous version in the Siebel File System.
» Batch Fulfillment Printing
» Allows Fulfillment Center personnel to select a set of Correspondence Requests and send them to a printer.

– Jeroen



5 thoughts on “Desktop Integration Siebel Agent (DISA)

  1. DISA Targeted Feature:
    Use HTML templates to provide pre-defined, formatted email content
    When will this feature be available with DISA? Is there any work around currently available to make this functionality work?
    Regards, Aravind

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