Siebel Patch Set IP15.5 / IP14.11 Available

Continuous development, continuous integration, continuous delivery. Siebel Patch Set IP15.5 / IP14.11 has been made available. Besides an import bug fix for those running (or needing to run) Siebel on iOS 9.01 devices… this patch set has the required bug fix for the keyboard to appropriately pop-up in list applets.

Quite a download! But that sheer size has a reason.


Worth to check John Bedford’s post with regards to the enhancements (yes, enhancements in a patch set) becoming available with IP15.5. Factually, IP15.5 is an Innovation Pack in its own right. To take advantage of these enhancements, an Incremental Repository Merge procedure is required.

– Jeroen


3 thoughts on “Siebel Patch Set IP15.5 / IP14.11 Available

  1. Hi Jeroen,
    First of all I would like to say that I have enjoyed all your postings, thank you so much!

    You mentioned at the beginning of this post that your client had an issue with email sent out with blank contents. I faced similar issue at a previous client.

    I wonder if it’s possible for you to post a follow up when you did resolve the issue with BugSnag? It would be very nice to know how the tool helped in this real world case!

    Thank you,


    • Hi Shawn,

      Finally, I was able to implement a relatively simple fix for the issue with ’empty emails’ which are sent from time to time. I found that actually the email in the database was stored correctly, but that was not the email as it went out. I finally was finally able to see that by just clicking the ‘Send’ button, a ‘WriteRecord’ did not occur. So circumvent I created a presentation model, catching the ‘Send’ method to execute a CTRL+S (explicit save) before continueing default operation. See the code below.

      Do you have a SR open with tech support? What release is this about?

      if (typeof(SiebelAppFacade.EmailSendPM) === “undefined”) {

      define(“siebel/custom/EmailSendPM”, [“siebel/pmodel”],
      function () {
      SiebelAppFacade.EmailSendPM = (function () {
      function EmailSendPM(pm) {
      SiebelAppFacade.EmailSendPM.superclass.constructor.apply(this, arguments);

      SiebelJS.Extend(EmailSendPM, SiebelAppFacade.PresentationModel);

      EmailSendPM.prototype.Init = function () {
      SiebelAppFacade.EmailSendPM.superclass.Init.apply(this, arguments);
      this.AddMethod(“InvokeMethod”, PreInvokeMethod, {sequence:true, scope:this});

      EmailSendPM.prototype.Setup = function (propSet) {
      SiebelAppFacade.EmailSendPM.superclass.Setup.apply(this, arguments);

      function PreInvokeMethod(methodName, psInputArgs, lp, returnStructure) {
      if (methodName === “EmailSend”) {

      var appletId = this.Get(“GetFullId”);
      var e = jQuery.Event(“keydown”);
      e.which = 83; // s
      e.ctrlKey = true; // CTRL key pressed
      $(“#” + appletId).trigger(e); // Trigger CTRL+S

      return EmailSendPM;

      return “SiebelAppFacade.EmailSendPM”;

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