Bye SQL Anywhere – Hello Oracle XE


Oracle-Siebel’s product manager John Bedford published the official statement that SQL Anywhere will be replaced with Oracle XE (Express Edition) with the release of Siebel Innovation Pack 2015 Patch Set 5.

SQL Anywhere, being a SAP-owned product after the acquisition of Sybase in 2010 has served a long time. Especially in late 90s SQL Anywhere was considered a flag-ship product, with advanced capabilities. And Siebel has been bundling it with Siebel Remote & Siebel Tools ever since, quite successfully.

Other than the Mobile Web Client alone, Siebel Tools truly has been ‘fueled’ by this small and agile database engine. That said, being a 3rd party product – Oracle does own its own alternative: Oracle XE. Myself, I have no previous experience with Oracle XE and will be looking forward how Oracle XE will turn out as new platform for Siebel Tools and the Siebel Developer’s Web client.

What will be interesting is the fact, that Oracle XE can be connect to with SQL Developer as any other Oracle database. That surely will be much better that DBISQLC.EXE 😉

– Jeroen


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