Firefox To Drop NPAPI Support Late 2016

Firefox-DisabledJavaPluginThe word is out from the Mozilla blog: Firefox will de-support NPAPI Plug-ins late 2016. Mozilla following the same path as Google but with a remaining grace period of about 15 months. Although Mozilla announced it will still support Flash, Java will be a dead-end in the browser. Even though Siebel Open UI does not heavily rely on Java there are some bits and pieces which do. The most important obvious one would be the ‘inline editing’ mode of Siebel attachments. And then obviously there are customers who have resorted to a Java applet for some kind of desktop integration, replacing the traditional HI / ActiveX Web Client Automation Server capabilities to attach to a Siebel web session.

Good to know, with Innovation Pack 2016 there is a planned feature to replace current Java applet based functionality with an open Web Socket framework. Check the Innovation Pack 2016 Statement of Direction to get more details. The Web Socket framework will be open and published as API for customers to take advantage of.

– Jeroen


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