Tools Please Do Not Crash On Me…

toolscrashVictim of Tools crashes after patching to either IP15.2/14.8 or IP15.3/14.9 ? Well you will be more than likely affected by Tools crashes while opening any script editor. So far the closest ‘workaround’ would have been to stay with Tools on IP15.1/14.7. But Oracle always (strongly) recommend compiling with the Tools release which is on-par with the patch set the enterprise is running on.

But… Although the root-cause of this bug is under triage at this moment, it came out that a temporary workaround would be to rename the file ‘samatrix.txt’ in the \bin folder.

Interesting file, looking at its contents. It lists all the VB and eScript methods for the different objects. After re-naming all seems to be in perfect order. Opening scripts editor is fine, auto-complete stills works for strong-typed objects, syntax checking is not broken and we can compile objects too. So, is their a real use for this particular file? Debatable because apparently the file in question only ships with the ‘release build’ of Siebel (which customers download), but it’s not available on in-house development environments. That is why initially reproducing the crash led nowhere 😉

– Jeroen


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