Patch Set 15.3/14.9 Skyrockets Performance!

This result deserves truly a big applause. Oracle development worked closely together with Microsoft engineers to boost Open UI performance. With IP15.3/14.9 a complete overhaul of the List Applet renderer has been delivered. This went into the release quite silent, with no notice in the patch set’s release notes. The improvements were focused to give a boost for Internet Explorer, but the improvement is evident for Chrome (hence other browsers, including Edge) too!

Without more wording, just have a look at the results! These results are just amazing. We can safely say that Open UI will come close or exceed what you have ever experienced with High Interactivity clients. Think of the improvement it will make on mobile deployments for tablets… Skyrocketing performance.


– Jeroen


11 thoughts on “Patch Set 15.3/14.9 Skyrockets Performance!

  1. There is an open Bug available while applying Pachset 2 & 3 which corrupts the Siebns.dat file.


    It corrupts the Siebns.dat file if the size of the file is greater than 1.4MB .

    • Correct. Bug has been triaged and reproduced (09-sept) and further analysis going on. Should be not too difficult, since clearly a regression. But an unfortunate issue, if you hit it. Not a universal issue for all implementations, though it has been raised by more customers.

  2. IP2015 Patchset 4 is out. Any insight into the following section in the release notes:
    Product Area: Siebel Core – Server Framework

    Category: Business Logic

    Bug ID: 21433552

    Related bug: 16188055

    Product Version: IP2015

    To implement this fix, add the following system variables where the Siebel Server is installed

    For Windows:

    Log in and add the following parameters
    Name = USE_NEW_RM
    Value = 1
    Name = USE_NEW_MM
    Value = 1
    For Non-Windows:

    Log in and add the following parameters
    setenv USE_NEW_RM = 1
    setenv USE_NEW_MM = 1

    NOTE: You must bounce the Siebel Server.


    • Karl, this is indeed quite a shady bug description. I will go into more detail in an upcoming post. By no means is this some kind of silver bullet, and I fully agree it should have gone accompanied with much more wording!

  3. Hi Jeroen,

    thank you for this article!

    Do you set these Parameter for your tests? Do you allready reviewed this bug in another post? I did not saw this, but may overlook it?

    Best Regards


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