Siebel Patch Set 15.2 / 14.8 Has Been Released

patchhumorFor those waiting, on the close of the month the Oracle Siebel development team released the combined patch set for Innovation Packs 2014 & 2015. Since code lines between IP14 and IP15 are in-sync and the applications primarily differ one and another from a repository and seed-data perspective, Oracle is able to deliver a combined patch set. Way more effective, way more efficient to develop, build, test and release. And with higher quality on top.

That said, customers coming from a prior release (IP13 or lower…) and considering to migrate should never (and I really mean never) think it’s alright migrating to anything less than Innovation Pack 2015. The traditional consideration we do not want to be the first to guinea pig a release and hence we stick with the n-1 approach is easily countered by the shared code line argument. Sure, if you uptake a new feature not available in Innovation Pack 2014 (e.g. adopting the Synergy theme for example) you could be the one spotting an early issue. But largely any framework related defects and fixes (e.g. within the object manager, industry specific features, the Open UI framework, you name it) will apply to both releases.


This link brings you to the right spot on MOS.

Patch number = 21510249.

To sum up some of the release fixes:

  1. Performance fix which reduces logon time (taking out redundancies, nice)
  2. Support for MS SQL Server 2014 has been introduced
  3. Quite a number of test automation attribute fixes (the RN/RT/UN attributes which are included in the DOM once you append SWECmd=AutoOn to the URL)
  4. Fix for the Cancel Query Timeout popup
  5. Fixing GetProfileAttr() calls from traditional browser script (which anyways should better be migrated to OUI API scripts…)
  6. “Tripple Click” issue in list applets for check boxes (yes, this definitely is a nice one and many users will love it)
  7. Using “Shift” + Arrow keys to select records
  8. Message Broadcasting not to reset time-out counter while polling the server (this is an interesting one, since traditionally in HI the Message Broadcasting feature would prevent a session time-out. This can be a pain in the neck, and now this issue has after many years been addressed and hence ceases to exists. Something to beware of)

– Jeroen


13 thoughts on “Siebel Patch Set 15.2 / 14.8 Has Been Released

  1. Hi Jeroen,


    At least 2 new bugs have been introduced in 14.8 / 15.2:

    – Siebel Tools crashes when performing “Edit Server Scripts” of an applet
    – Smart Scripts: Not able to select any record using a pick applet in Smart Script

    the first issue is still under investigation, for the second one a bug has already been created: Bug 21571003 : SMARTSCRIPT PICK APPLETS DISPLAY BLANK


    • Ben,

      Siebel Tools 15.2 and crashes when attempting to open the Script Editor (Doc ID 2040738.1)


  2. Unfortunately the Tools crashing bug is still there in 15.3. The workaround to check “Scripted” only sometimes works, and never works for Business Services as they do not have such a property.

    We are sticking with 15.1 on the Tools client and saving one machine for performing full compiles on 15.3.

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