Siebel Open UI – First Encounter With Edge

Windows 10, exciting enough? The atmosphere around Windows 10 is quite positive if you read the many articles which have been written. So, yesterday I took up the glove and downloaded the Windows 10 .iso file and today I created my first Windows 10 Virtual Box image. Without any pain, smoother than you can imagine. Click, click, click, done!

After having played around a bit, I decided to copy my Demo Quick Start environment across. That is the local dedicated client environment I often use, when I do not need a beefed-up server virtual machine.

Of course, there was one major reason for doing this: taking Edge to the test. My Demo Quick Start environment was functional without any pain. Well, that means for Internet Explorer it was working immediately! Since Edge is the default browser, I reckoned removing the /b (browser) switch should be enough to launch Siebel using the Edge browser. Wrong.

Luckily Richard from the SiebelHub faced the same issue. And the simple workaround would be to open Siebel in either Internet Explorer (or Chrome), then launch Edge and copy/paste the Siebel URL in that browser. Et voilá, works like a charm (as workaround then). Do not close the other browser, otherwise the Siebel client will be closed too.


Next I installed Chrome as well on the virtual machine, and was ready to run my usual performance benchmark test. Expectations are high, because while browsing with Edge some web sites it seems to behave pretty well. Added to this those recent positive benchmarks for Edge.

My joy changed into disappointment quickly. In this test Edge did not outperform even its neighbor. Really, it just behaving very similar to Internet Explorer. That means sluggish. Alright, back to Chrome. Immediately you get that feel of ‘souplesse’ back. Could it be Edge is so sluggish because it has Internet Explorer running in the background? Or does Virtual Box has a dramatic influence? Definitely it requires some more testing, but initial signs are not favoring Edge. Unfortunately.


– Jeroen


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