Siebel IP15 – Enhancing Synergy UI

Darshan Kumar yesterday posted an article showing different visualizations of the Synergy UI. This requires Innovation Pack 2015 Patchset 1. As I discussed in a previous post, due to a product defect you’d be unable to override the Synergy UI (under the hood still named Simplified UI). That issue has been straightened in Patchset 1.

Although the Synergy UI looks aesthetically pleasing, it has some drawbacks to render the Siebel UI this way. In that sense, that IMHO important and useful functionality got suppressed.

Well, the application menu already revealed itself in a previous post. Although I improved it a bit further, so that it hides in case of Homepages views.

Similarly I was missing the Thread bar quite a bit. So I thought it would not be bad idea to render it again. Maybe aesthetically less pleasing to the eye, but it’s a very useful navigation feature. I decided as well to hide it on Home page views.


Just a few CSS tweaks all together.


You can grab the CSS here

– Jeroen.


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