Siebel Open UI – Revival Of The Record Selector

Neeraj posted me the question the other day how to re-introduce the record selector as we knew it in the High Interactivity days (and even well before those…). Yes, that function got dropped. But it does serve its purpose.

2015-07-01 22_41_52-record selector siebel

Initially I thought about introducing a dummy column to hold a glyph for the selector. Had a quick chat with Duncan as I often do to exchange thoughts. He reminded me about the “Client-side controls” feature introduced in Innovation Pack 2014. Due to a lack of time I dropped the ball. Until this afternoon, where Duncan replied about a pure CSS solution he crafted. It was elegant in its simplicity. The use of the nth-child selector does the magic. The first column in a list applet actually is a hidden multi-selector column (see my older post on the subject). So the second column is our target to dynamically introduce a small glyph. Duncan opted just to take one which suits from the “oracle” font which comes along with Siebel. But if you wish you can go wild.

recordselector1End-result already pretty neat:


What I personally did not like, is the indented text in case a record selector is presented. So I went on with Duncan’s proposal and improved the UX a bit further (well, I hope so). Just a few little tweaks to the CSS.


And the result would be along these lines:


As always, implement theme overrides in a customized theme. And you should be good to go. I implemented on IP15. Solution works for both Synergy theme as well as the Aurora theme.

– Jeroen


8 thoughts on “Siebel Open UI – Revival Of The Record Selector

  1. Nice touch, thanks Jeroen,

    I may add that the ‘chevron’ was only shown for the active record (important for example when you intend to merge records). So I think a bit of extra JavaScript has to be added to identify the active record and display the icon for that one only.

    have a nice day


  2. Hi Shiv,

    once the font is installed, you can also use “charmap.exe” located in C:\Windows\System32\ folder to display all icons contained in the oracle font. in the lower left corner, it also displays the unicode character sequence you need to provide in the CSS 🙂


  3. Hi Jeroen,

    very nice you try to address this issue!!
    Always nice to read your blog.
    the missing record pointer has been often critizised during our key user test of IP2014.

    Some thoughts from my side:

    our users do mainly complain about the missing record pointer when merging records. they say they do not know which address will be the winner, and which the loser.
    for this purpose, a record pointer for the LAST selected record only would be better than having an arrow next to every selected record. basically, I already know which records have been selected as the row turns blue. What I don’t know is the fact WHICH record was selected LAST. (this was possible in HI). So highlighting ALL selected records is not helping much. Any idea on how we could achive only the LAST being highlighted / added an icon ??? Question for the CSS gurus 🙂

    Additionally, I seem to have a problem with your solution when it comes to pick lists or basically field types other than pure text. The 20px text-indent seems to move the picklist icon behind the next cell already, so it’s almost not clickable.


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