Siebel 15 – Overriding The Syngergy Theme

You might or might not have tried this yet. But with R15.0 it was not possible to create an overriding theme, based of the Simplified UI (SUI). I hit this issue while working on visualizing the application menu in a recent post.


First of all, I should not be calling out “Simplified UI” anymore, but call in Synergy.

Last week I took the short-cut by modifying the out-of-the-box theme-sui.css. That is alright to proof the concept, but it should be well known that modification of such deliverables is not recommended.

Because one of my customers will be deploying the Synergy theme, I started researching a bit further why the traditional (and documented) way of adding an overriding theme did not work.

1) Created a LOV for the new theme “SUI Custom”
2) Created a custom .css with the overrides called “theme-sui-custom.css”
3) Create a manifest file entry for this (files/custom/theme-sui-custom.css”
4) Created a manifest admin entry for Application / Theme / PLATFORM_DEPENDENT
5) Added as files with Seq 1 the theme-sui.css and with Seq 2 the theme-sui-custom.css
6) Set the user pref to “SUI Custom” and restart the application.

The end result was terrible 😦


Not only the toolbar menu got messed up, there were other anomalies too. But why? After some further research in appears the the SUI theme is not fully implemented as CSS theme, rather there are also modifications in client side proxies.

Reaching out to product development brought the solution. Creating overriding themes for R15 will be provided per upcoming patch set, targeted for the very first R15.1 patch set. The overall procedure will match the existing procedure. That said, if the Synergy theme needs to be overridden, the language independent code for the new theme should always be prefixed with “SUI_THEME_”.

Other than that, a few additional color schemes will be provided as well.

– Jeroen


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