Siebel 15 – Siebel CRM Composer Webcast Demonstrating Responsiveness

Direct from product development another glance at the Siebel CRM composer! Richard and @lex from the SiebelHub have also produced initial recordings of their first experiences.

This webcast from the Oracle Siebel CX team further drills into some of the technicalities of the CRM Composer. It demonstrates the migrated Web Templates and how they can be modified. Further the demonstration shows how to leverage a new profile attribute “Viewport:width” which allows more dynamic expressions to either show or hide content such as complete applets or controls depending on the actual size of the browser window.

I played a bit with this feature. As I imagined the value of the profile attribute is captured once you logon to Siebel. That means that re-sizing your browser’s window will not dynamically change the Viewport:width value. This could have unwanted effects in case you would for example open your browser not in maximized mode. In that case responsiveness would kick-in and potentially hide content. Once you think about maximizing the browser, well you’re stuck with the previously set Viewport:width.

Also a scenario where one would re-size the window will not change the outcome of any expressions where Viewport:width is used. Maybe the implementation which sets the Profile Attribute will change for Siebel 16? Might not be a bad idea I guess. At least I will address it with product development.

Further, Oracle produced a pretty descent Bookshelf document. And watch this: in the typical “Oracle” style. The traditional “Bookshelf” style has gone. Get it here: Siebel CRM Composer Developer Preview Guide

– Jeroen


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