Siebel – Please Don’t Loose My Attachments!

One of my customers recently showed me that using the most straight-forward scenario one could think of, would make them loose attachments in Siebel.

What is the issue? Once you would attach a new file in Siebel you will typically use the “New File” button, which brings up the browser’s File Browser window. You select an attachment, and save it back to Siebel. Easy.

But guess what, if you do not force focus on the “Attachment Applet” but immediately click on the “New File” button, you will still be shown the File Browser. You select your file, and save it back to Siebel.

You’d guess. Although the UI makes you think the attachment is there, it will not be committed to Siebel unless you force focus on the Attachment applet. That could be a simple click on the applet, or filling out some attachment related fields which implicitly forces focus.


Supposedly many customers will potentially hit this issue. But then data loss in production is one of the hardest issues to tackle… Apparently it did not yet get reported to Oracle Support yet. Well, now it has and will be tracked under:


This Bug will quite definitely be fixed soon per patch set. The issue applies to Siebel 15 as well, unsure whether it applies to IP13 (I did not take the time to test it).

Since my customer could not wait until a definite fix from Oracle, I created simple fix for the time being. Done by means of a postload. Not ideal, but since it pertains extremely light script…

It attaches a function to every element with class “siebui-ctrl-file”, which makes it to trigger a click on the button’s parent element once the button is clicked. This forces focus on the Attachment applet, hurray!


The file can be downloaded here.

– Jeroen


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