Siebel IP14 – Watermarking Those Query Assistant Controls

Never gotten remarks from a customer about those two “Query Assistant” controls, which are to a normal end-user less self-explanatory than a developer might think?


Putting some watermark text behind those controls should be easy. And it is. I did resort to a post loader solution. Although it could have been resolved with a Contron Plugin Wrapper (PW) too. But in this case, the code is so extremely light if written on a post loader… Why take the added overhead of a PW?

$("[aria-labelledby=QueryComboBox_Label]").attr("placeholder", $("[aria-labelledby=QueryComboBox_Label]").attr("aria-label"));

$("[aria-labelledby=QuerySrchSpec_Label]").attr("placeholder", $("[aria-labelledby=QuerySrchSpec_Label]").attr("aria-label"));

Really, there is nothing more to it. Just adding a placeholder and pulling in the “aria-label” attribute. The latter is already translated, so it solves any multilingual issues in one step.
After adding it to the Manifest Administration, this should be the outcome:


Grab the code here.

– Jeroen



6 thoughts on “Siebel IP14 – Watermarking Those Query Assistant Controls

  1. Hi Jeroen,
    I need your inputs for one of the Open UI requirement I am trying to develop.
    Currently we have Siebel Version HI Application for Loyalty. As a part of existing functionality running in PROD, there is a trigger on Applet_ChangeRecord and Applet_Load browser script events on the applet. This trigger takes the input
    Member # from the applet changerecord and load events and writes the member # in a txt file which is mapped to users network drive Z:\. Currently this is achieved using ActiveX methods. Since we are now on IP 2014 I want to know an alternate way to achieve this.
    Appreciate your inputs.


  2. Hi
    I was trying to add a watermark on the Search field that shows up on the Sitemap
    A similar approach of adding a Jquery on the postload.js did not help;
    Tried adding the following Jquery on postload.js

    $(“[id=”sitemapFilterInput]”).attr(“placeholder”, “Search Screens and Views”);

    It appears that the jQuery itself is correct coz running it on the browser debugger on console adds the necessary placeholder;
    However the adding it on postload.js didnt work.
    Do we know for a fact postload.js is not run for Sitemap ?
    What do you think would be an appropriate place to add the jQuery ?


    • Hi Ashok,

      The Sitemap is not navigation (no new web page, url). So a postload will not trigger, that makes sense.

      But of course, there is always a solution.

      In your postload, add this code:

      $(“#_swecontent”).bind(“focusin”, function() {
      $(“[id=’sitemapFilterInput’]”).attr(“placeholder”, “Search Screens and Views”);

      It will bind the focusin event to the _swecontent div. On every page navigation it will identify the selector, and if found will add the placeholder.


      • Thanks a lot Jeroen!
        I’ll try your solution..
        I was able to add the watermark by modifying the web template file responsible for the sitemap;
        CCSiteMap.swt under the OUIWebtempl directory;
        Do you see any downside in that approach ?


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