Oracle is quietly becoming a cloud giant?

Two recent articles on Oracle’s progress in the cloud business underline that the long-term strategy seems to be taking off with a profitable margin. Although it yet remains only 5% of Oracle’s overall business.

  1. CNBC’s Ari Levy: Oracle’s cloud gains momentum, says analyst
  2. Network World’s Andy Patrizio: Oracle is quietly becoming a cloud giant

How one would consider the comparison of Oracle and SFDC is another story. Can one compare Oracle which offers an enormous variety of cloud solutions which besides SaaS also include IaaS and PaaS with SFDC? The Oracle published figures are missing granularity so, you could say these analysts are not comparing apples and apples.

That said… Just some quotes 🙂

“Its cloud business is now half the size of Salesforce, and the gap is closing quickly”

“Oracle is pulling off a minor miracle”

“Oracle’s cloud gains momentum, says analyst”

“…an outperform rating on the stock and a $48 price target, 11 percent above Monday’s closing price of $43.40…”

“In the latest quarter, sales in the cloud business increased 47 percent”

“Considering Salesforce reported $2.2 billion in revenue in 2012, $3 billion in 2013, and $4 billion in 2014, it will likely come close to $5 billion this year. However, unlike Oracle, Salesforce is also bleeding money”

– Jeroen


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