Siebel IP14 – Multi-row select in non-touch mode

My attention recently got drawn by the feature to select multiple records when you run Siebel OpenUI on a tablet. Traditionally selecting multiple records is done using either Control or Shift, but that method does not translate to “touch” devices. Would this feature not be a blessing in some scenarios on the desktop too? I thought so, so I went reverse-engineering to see if it were feasible.

To come to the final conclusion that… this is actually documented functionality, which can be enabled on specific applets using a user property. See below.


This feature got hidden pretty well in the documentation though. One would need to read through the chapter “Creating and Managing Client-Side Controls” to bump into “Configuring Client-Side Multi-Select”. It tells you…

Siebel Open UI uses a client-side control implementation to display a Multi-Select checkbox column in list applets. While this is primarily intended for touch-based devices where multiple selection of rows is not possible using the Shift + Click or Ctrl + Click, it can also be configured for desktop browsers.

The Multi Row Select Checkbox Display user property controls the behavior and availability of the client-side multi-select checkboxes. The property can have the following values:

  • TOUCH-HIDE. The multi-select column does not appear on touch devices.
  • TOUCH-SHOW. The multi-select column appears on touch devices.
  • NONTOUCH-HIDE. The multi-select column does not appear on desktop and non-touch based devices.
  • NONTOUCH-SHOW. The multi-select column appears on desktops and non-touch based Touch devices.

Voilá. By the way, for this applet user property you do not need to configure the ClientPMUserProp. I found though that the selector column does behave quite sensitive. If you have selected multiple records and accidentally click an already selected record again, you will loose your selection. That said, the feature has typical use-cases which would benefit and where it behaves more user-friendly then using Ctrl + Click.

– Jeroen


3 thoughts on “Siebel IP14 – Multi-row select in non-touch mode

  1. I’m really unhappy with IP2014 default look and feel, the font, buttons are terribly ugly.
    All the end-users who have been presented it seconded my opinion.
    Oracle could use some ergonomists.

    This post goes to the right direction.

    • Hi Matthieu,

      I like to take the positive view here. Although I’m neither 100% happy with the Aurora Theme, what I do like it its “flatness”. The Aurora theme really is reasonable easy to brand towards customer needs. Much easier than the previous themes. Items which I am not happy about are the default list applet spacing, the fact that list applets are not by-default more responsive to amount of data, form applets consuming too much real-estate. But my main pain is scrolling. Oracle did implement infinite scrolling for touch devices which really works pretty well. I would like to see the same for non-touch too, although I understand the challenges. But really, the Aurora theme got provided as an easier means for customers to adapt it to their own needs and wishes.

      – Jeroen

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