Siebel IP14 – IRM Key Feature: Seed Data Comparison HTML Report

Update 25-Nov: Apparently there is an issue in which will be fixed in PS1. See also this post by Oli. Apparently this issue should be non-blocking because these reports are complementary 😉

Related to a previous post on IRM improvements, IP14 provides also a new “Seed Data Comparison HTML Report”. The Seed Data Comparison report has been included in HTML format which provides details of modified and updated/created seed data records from previous releases.

This report can proof very valuable as finding the needle in the haystack where it concerns seed data can be a painstaking process.

The Seed Data Conflict report program will be executed once upgrade is complete which generates the HTML report comprising of summary of counts of all tables along with details of Violation in case if there is any.

The report is generated under “siebsrvr\log\upgphys_dev_xxx\output” folder if executed during upgphys or under “siebsrvr\log\verify_repository\output” folder.

Below two screenshots. Soon a comprehensive set of “transfers of information” will be made available by Oracle. It will discuss among other these enhancements. There will be a set of functional and technical TOI sessions. I keep you posted



– Jeroen


One thought on “Siebel IP14 – IRM Key Feature: Seed Data Comparison HTML Report

  1. Nice feature, we will probably need desperately.
    Is this Seed Data Comparison done between two repositories? I understand it’s more between two Siebel installations, because Seed Data are more or less repository independent, correct?
    Could I use this report only within an upgrade process or also between who customized Siebel installations?

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