Siebel IP14 – IRM Key Feature: Hierarchical Conflict HTML Report

Update 25-Nov: Apparently there is an issue in which will be fixed in PS1. See also this post by Oli. Apparently this issue should be non-blocking because these reports are complementary 😉

Update 26-Nov: Issue has been addressed in PS1 per Bug 19946143. PS1 is available now!

19946143 Siebel Core – DB Deployment and Configuration

Oracle added as part of IP14 ( / a couple of useful features to the existing Incremental Repository Merge (IRM) process. Two enhancements which are strikingly interesting:

  • Upgrade Conflict HTML Report
  • Seed Data Upgrade Conflict HTML Report

The Hierarchical Conflict HTML Report basically is an improvement to the Hierarchical Conflict report introduced in IP13 ( / The previous reports is driven from Tools and allows for querying dependent objects for example. The HTML report more or less does the same, but searching through an HTML document can be more convenient than navigating the “traditional” report which works against tables.

Dependency Information is generated for Applications, Screens, Views, Business Components, Applets, Tables, Business Services, Business Objects and Workflow Processes.

The Hierarchical Conflict HTML Report is generated after the Tools merge process completes. It is generated once the srvrupgwiz continues. The report is called “MergeReport.html” and should be found under the “siebsrvr\log\upgrep_dev_xxx\” folder.

Below two screenshots. Soon a comprehensive set of “transfers of information” will be made available by Oracle. It will discuss among other these enhancements. There will be a set of functional and technical TOI sessions. I keep you posted.



– Jeroen


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