Dromaeo benchmarking – IE11, FF R31, Chrome R37 and Canary

Besides Google’s Octane 2 there is another extensive benchmarking framework: Dromaeo.

I took it to the test for the usual suspects.

The good thing about Dromaeo is that it has dedicated tests for jQuery, very useful with OpenUI in mind 🙂

And the results are… I ran a number of tests on my good-old i5-2520M@2.5Ghz. I ensured while running the test the machine was idle.

DromaeoFrameworks DromaeoCoreDOM DromaeoJslib

The tables list the number of runs/second for the different test dimension. From those I calculated the performance factors. So “Chrome vs. IE” has a performance factor 2,9 for the “DOM Attribute (Prototype)” dimension. So Chrome R37 is 2,9x faster than IE11 for this particular characteristic.

It is clear that IE11 overall is being surpassed by its rivals. Especially when looking at the relevant dimensions for Siebel Open UI (jQuery) Chrome is the overall winner. For jQuery DOM Query/selector operations Firefox and Chrome end up ex-aequo. More general the jQuery framework is better tailored for Chrome. The more all-purpose DOM operations are best tailored for Firefox (these entail direct DOM operation without using any framework).

On generic DOM traversal IE11 is tailing its rivals.


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