Siebel Innovation Pack 2014 & Open UI – Statement of Direction

Siebel Innovation Pack 2014 – Statement of Direction
Siebel Open UI – Statement of Direction

The IPxx numbering scheme will be Oracle’s major delivery vehicle, as most Siebelists know. Every year, scheduled late Q4. Honestly the IP numbering is just so much more informative. Despite that fact that yes, there will never be a “Siebel 9” release (as competition of Oracle likes to market it towards Siebel customers). I have always found it hard to tell what a major release entails, most of all marketing driven. The IP numbering scheme is honest and clear to all customers. No more fuss?

Siebel IP2014 will bring a number of important improvements to the table.

To name two enhancements in particular: direct editing of attachments and iHelp.

Both were features lost in Open UI.

Direct editing of attachments due to browser limitations (especially the fact that browsers to not consistently support the HTML5 FileIO specification yet). For OpenUI to have this feature enabled again, it will require Java.

iHelp because it required extensive re-factoring of both the iHelp designer UI as well as the iHelp pane and highlighting feature. But IP14 will bring this feature back, sigh 🙂

Further list of OUI improvements:

  1. OpenUI rendering performance (see also my other post)
  2. Calendar Alarms
  3. Drag and Drop of items
  4. Catalog Browse – The Siebel Catalog Browse for Quote and Order has been evaluated to support a drag-and-drop functionality for adding products to the shopping carts
  5. Product Configurator User Interface – The Siebel Product Configurator web artifacts have been updated to uptake all of the design principles of Open UI. This will allow our customers to refactor their customizations into the new Configurator framework. Style and theme changes are also available for web artifacts to complement the new framework. Additionally, all administration views that support Siebel Product Configurator are now available in Siebel Open UI.
    SmartScript Designer
  6. Smart Answer for Service
    Siebel Scheduler Administration View
  7. Gantt Chart Resource Scheduler
  8. Partner Portal (Quote/Order Home Pages)
  9. Organizational Chart or Global Account Hierarchy View (Account and Contacts)
  10. Expression Rules Designer
  11. Organizational Analysis View
  12. Barcode Scanning and Quick Search
  13. Email/Print Invoice (Siebel Service Mobile)
  14. Funnel Chart (Sales Pipeline Analysis Chart)
  15. Loyalty Program Designer

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