Chrome issue with Open UI Form Applets

Recent versions of Chrome are problematic for Siebel Open UI. Form applets can be affected, which use a depreciated method of specifying the height of a table as an attribute of the table tag instead of line styles. But for now, we need to deal with it. Chrome seems to de-support the legacy of Siebel applets 🙂

This is reproducible with Siebel Vanilla in Chrome only in,, and latest release of IE8, IE9, IE10 and Firefox all appears to render correctly.


Oracle development supplied the detail which which can be easily implemented as part of a post loader. Likely this will be a temporary solution, when Oracle development will factor out the legacy applets in a future fix pack or innovation pack.

<code>if (typeof(SiebelAppFacade.ChromeSpaceFix) == "undefined") {
	(function () {
		SiebelApp.EventManager.addListner("postload", ChromeTdSpaceFix, this);
		function ChromeTdSpaceFix() {
			try {
				$("#_svf0 table.GridBack").find("tr").children("td").each(function (index) {
					var regex = /(height)(\s*):(\s*)([^;]*)/,
					el = $(this),
					st = el.attr("style"),
					match = regex.exec(st);
					if (match && Number(match[4]) &&":empty") && el.siblings().length != el.siblings(":empty").length) {
						st = st.replace("height", "xheight");
						el.attr("style", st + "height:" + Number(match[4]) + "px;");
			} catch (error) {
				// Nothing to do.

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