Siebel Innovation Pack 2013 – Oracle LDAP SDK & Wallet Manager replace IBM LDAP Client & GSKit

Siebel Innovation Pack 2013 - Oracle LDAP SDK & Wallet Manager replace IBM LDAP Client & GSKit

Oracle’s Siebel Product development is focused to move away from certifications of specific products – by supporting standards. Next in line are the LDAP and ADSI security adapters.

Oracle supports LDAP directory servers that meet following requirements:

❏ The LDAP directory server is compliant with the LDAP 3.0 standard
❏ Password management is handled by implementing the IETF password policy draft standard
❏ Or password management functions, such as password expiry and other password-messaging features, are handled externally to the directory server.

Support for Microsoft Active Directory requires the native connector shipped with the operating systems that are supported for Siebel Business Applications on Microsoft Windows servers. Support for Active Directory is limited to either:

❏ Specific active directory connectors based on the operating systems supported by the release. The Active Directory connector used to connect with an Active Directory schema must be deemed compatible by Microsoft.
❏ Use of only the LDAP version 3-compliant set of features supported by Active Directory. In this instance, Active Directory functions as an LDAP server.

Further Oracle delivers with IP 2013 Oracle libraries for the LDAP Security Adapter. These Oracle libraries replace the traditionally delived IBM LDAP Client & GSKit. The Oracle client primarily exists of the:

❏ Oracle Client LDAP
❏ Oracle LDAP SDK
❏ Oracle Wallet Manager

The IBM LDAP Client & GSKit are not an option on Windows 2008+ if SSL (which will be in 99% of the case) is required. Oracle will not deliver new releases of the IBM LDAP Client & GSKit. This means on the long run customers need to migrate to Oracle LDAP / Wallet Manager.


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