Siebel / is Generally Available – October 17th!

Siebel / is Generally Available - October 17th!

Long awaited Innovation Pack 2013 has been made available for download on eDelivery. contains quite a bit of goodies on the function side – most of them related with Open UI. The IP2013 also contains the initial release of a new era in Siebel Mobile solution – Siebel’s Disconnected Mobile solution. Leveraging HTML5 ability to store data inside the browser – enabling Siebel to run off-line against a special kind of local database structure. Conceptually there are strong links with Siebel’s prior Handheld technical architecture (with regards how data is being extracted, synchronized) – though Disconnected Mobile offers a much better CX.

Further on the installation/upgrade side of things – IP2013 contains an improved IRM wizard – which is basically run through the Database Configuration Wizard – rather than invoked through Siebel Tools. It contains far less manual steps than the initial IRM implementation delivered with Oracle will soon offer a new Webcast discussing and demonstrating the changes with regards to IRM.


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