Siebel Profile Attribute Management utility

Siebel Profile Attribute Management

Working with profile attributes in Siebel can be a nightmare. Especially if used in abundance and when not documented well enough or by giving troublesome names…

Nevertheless they can be very useful.

Siebel is lacking a utility to manage (set / reset / view) profile attributes.

There are scenario’s where you want to check the value of a known profile attribute – or deliberately want to change it for unit testing purposes.

In the past I created a small (Siebel) utility for this same purpose. It enables you to just that. Essentially it’s a VBC with a small portion of eScript. The VBC can use a so-called watch-list of profile attributes retrieved as LOV values. This enables you to persistently define a number of profile attributes for which you want to quickly see the values. The VBC displays the profile attributes in a simple list applet. You can add new profile attributes and define (if you want) a value for it. If the profile attribute exists – the value will be shown immediately.

A small utility with great use from time to time.

Here you will find:


2 thoughts on “Siebel Profile Attribute Management utility

  1. Hello , I read your article “Siebel Profile Attribute Management utility “. It sounds very interesting. unfortunately the .sif -file is corrupt. It ends at Line 1607. So I can’t test it.
    Best Regards

    • Hi Jonas, apologies – I overlooked your comment. I’m affraid I need to re-work to get the .sif working for IP14/15. The .sif is not corrupt, but it was exported I belief from IP13. Not 100% sure. Jeroen

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