Siebel / – BI Publisher integration improvements & webinar



There are a number of key improvements with regards to Siebel BI Publisher integration. Most improvements have made it in and couple followed in

Key capabilities:
– UI notifications to shows report generation has been completed (this is available for both Open UI as well as the traditional HI client);
– Option to open a report directly from the Notification list area in the toolbar;
– Intuitive buttons for tablet usability;
– Improved usability using collapsible menus and no popus;
– Return context to the application immediately after report execution;
– Less button clicks to execute reports and open the report output.

Finally – the certification with BI Publisher 11g has become available. You need to be on the BI Publisher patch. BI Publisher 11g works with all Siebel releases – since the integration has been simplied between 10g and 11g.

There is a public Webinar with regards to all the good improvements in / ( / TOI: Siebel Reports Functional Overview 


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