Siebel Open UI – Mobile Disconnected

Oracle will be releasing later this year its initial release of Siebel Open UI for Disconnected Mobile use. Something particular industries (consumer goods, life sciences, enterprises with field service operations) are looking forward to. Disconnected Mobile will be either released as a QF on top of or included in (the IP2013). This will require also the uptake of the respective ACR. ACRs are from onwards implemented using IRM (Incremental Repository Merge) – see separate post. Disconnected Mobile will leverage a technological model for bi-directional synchronization which will be conceptually similar to the the handheld synchronization technology patented by Oracle. It will use data extraction filters to limit data being available on the disconnected client. Disconnected Mobile will be based on HTLM5 browser capabilities, more specific the Web SQL API. Browsers will need to support the Web SQL API standard.


One thought on “Siebel Open UI – Mobile Disconnected

  1. Hi,Whether Siebel Mobile Disconnected Application for Siebel Field service is licensed or it can be enabled on sample application.


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