Siebel CRM – – Incremental Repository Merge (IRM)

With – Oracle will release a completely new and innovative feature: Incremental Repository Merge (IRM).

IRM essentially is the base foundation to uptake Innovation packs.

For that IRM has designed a new feature called “Siebel Delta Files” (.sdf) which are comparable with “Siebel Archive Files” (.sif) – to that extent that .sdf files only contain actual differences. Unlike .sif files which are just 1:1 extracts of complete objects (business components, applets and more have you).

But the cool aspect of IRM – is that you can use it within your own projects as well? Has it not always been a hassle to do truly parallel developments with Siebel? The Siebel Tools development framework did not really allow parallel development. Now, with IRM a developer can “tag” modifications, and modifications can be selectively extracted (as .sdf) from the repository to be promoted to a core-repository again.

A ground breaking feature if you ask me!





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